Statement of Condemnation

The condemnation of Dr J.Aslam Basha, the State Chairman for the Minority Deparment of Tamil

Nadu Congress Committee.



26th December 2017 Vaniyambadi : The Unconstitutional Statement Of BJP Union Minister Shri Anant Kumar Hegde Who Stated As, "The Constitution Of India Will Change In New Future" is a serious issue to be heavily condemned.  Moreover he has stated that, it will be done by BJP and let the BJP disclose the action to be taken against him.  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi should explain the reason of allowing the Bjp Ministers who continues to speak on dividing the nation, threatening the citizens, spoiling the good name of the forefathers of the nation who strived hard for the goodness of the nation.


Why the Bjp Government is not realizing the fact of how much it is dangerous for the Maharashtra government to honour the criminals who murdered the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi Ji by awarding the "MARTYR" title, and providing the same respect to be given to the Martyrs. the statement of minister Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, who wants to change the Indian constitution which is the basis for rule of democracy and impose dictatorship is condemnable and he has to be terminated and impeached from the honorable responsible post.